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Posted By ArtToaster

Updates on the Chair Affair art chair:

The original paint was sort of an off-white with some wear.

I painted it a snow white before masking it for spraying the legs in fiery flames!

You can see the first stage of yellow at the leg base then red at the top of the legs, followed by orange in the transitional middle area of the legs.

After it drys, I begin pulling off the masks.


chair pic 2


chair pic 2a


chair pic 3

chair pic 4

Posted By ArtToaster

The flamed legs are dry and the chair is now snow white and ready for the seat and backrest artwork.

chair pic 5

chair pic 6

chair pic 6a


Posted By ArtToaster


Here comes the seat's paintjob and the backrest, too.

Yep, it is a hot toasty buttered theme!


The title is: "HOT BUTTERED TOAST"

Let's see how much it gets at auction for the Community Warehouse!


chair pic 8


chair pic 9

chair pic 10

chair pic 11

chair pic 11a

chair pic 12

That's all folks! 

Happy bidding at the Spring 2014 "The Chair Affair" auction .